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Spring has ended and now we start into our summer season. Tarpon trips take up a big part of my June schedule but beach and bay trips are still very good.  Snook is one of the best beach trips followed by speckled trout for those who want something to eat.  Snook season closed on May 1st and opens again in September.  You can catch them but they have to be released.

All the offshore boats who run out 25-30 miles are out as June 1st is the season opener for red snapper.  The great powers to be who regulate our red snapper season has allowed it to stay open for 10 whole days in federal waters where the snapper live. I dont run out 30 miles so it doesnt hurt me too much.  There are plenty of mangrove snapper closer in and are just as good eating as the red snapper to me.

Tarpon season is going really good with huge schools of tarpon coming down the beach.  This should continue during June and into July, however the schools get smaller in July.  Crabs have been the bait of choice and we either buy them or scoop them up in the passes on the afternoon outgoing tides.  Scooping them is fun as long as you remember they have powerful claws and can do damage to a finger.  One got me last week and it really hurts!  I bought 150 dollars worth for a special weekend and the pumps in the bait shop where I keep them alive quit working and they all died.  When we buy them they cost us $3 to $3.50 each and sometimes $4.  It pays to scoop them yourself if you can keep them alive.

We have had some great trips this past month as the following pictures show.  I am looking forward to seeing a lot of you during June. I have some days open so come on down and have some fun!